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Premiere: Awaken - The Dream (Original Mix)

Parisian producer Lawrence Benjamin debuts his new project “Awaken” with PUZL Records this year with a 4 track EP. With undertones of ethereal, hypnotic sounds that blend a variety of retrospective experiences Awaken encountered on his travels to Finland. Whether it’s the spectral enchantments of its lead single, and todays premiere, ‘The Dream’, the natural found sounds of ‘The Feeling’, the tribal undertones of the ‘The Wall’, or the building crescendo of the club ready ‘The Run’, they all ultimately turn inward, inviting us through an intimate window through Awaken’s auditory world. “Refection Eternal” EP is available 4 May on ... Read more

Free Download: Le Monkey – Mafici (Original Mix)

Le Monkey is an artist who lives in the great city of Grenoble. His first album “Substance Matinale” (Puzl Records) is taken from his first live show, which primes the first chapter of a book where only he knows the conclusion. He likes telling stories, and he invites his listeners to a subtle and soft travel, without forgetting the power of Techno. Check out his FREE DOWNLOAD of – ‘Mafici’ DOWNLOAD Soundcloud Artist Page [soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/deep-house-london/free-download-le-monkey-mafici-original-mix-1″ comments=”true” auto_play=”false” color=”E40045″ width=”100%” height=”166″]

Free Download: Le Monkey – Savana (Original Mix)

The Grenoble, France based Le Monkey’s take on techno techno is a melodic mix of beats and bass. The mysterious new artist likens his music to telling stories, inviting listeners to join him on subtle and soft travel, without forgetting the awe-inspiring power of Techno. Just but a few months ago, Le Monkey’s debut album, the interstellar expedition of “Substance Matinale” that came out on Puzl Records, and was derived from his ever-evolving live show, perfectly priming the first chapter of many in a book of which only he knows the conclusion. Today, we introduce you to Le Monkey with ... Read more