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[Playlist] 5 Tracks From Avant Garde Live

Avant Garde is one of the hottest London shows around, with the programming shaping their monthly events over the past year alone its solidified their place within the London market. With the likes of Trentemoller, Funktion, Dixon, Caribou, Kiasmos and Gui Boratto all performing over the last year they have set a standard at Bankside Vaults, their latest home. This past weekend they had their LIVE outing with none other than Kiasmos, Christian Loffler, and Extrawelt performing. Here we pick out our top 5 tracks performed. Christian Lofftler & Mohna – Haul (Played Live) Hearing things live will always trump ... Read more

Exclusive Interview: Röyksopp On DJing

Royksopp need little introduction, the Norwegian duo have established themselves as one of the most popular electronic acts in Europe, if not the world thanks to their high work ethic and excellent releases. With their new album, ‘The Inevitable End’ out right now we spoke to them before their DJ set at Plastic People last week… So it came as a surprise to us that you guys DJ as well? Svein: With our obvious handicaps. Yeah, well being Norwegian, we figured it must be tough! Svein: Exactly yeah! [laughs] No we have been DJing over the years, not a lot ... Read more