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Premiere: Sabo & Amine K - Tiniri (Matthias Meyer Remix)

The latest Sol Selectas release is a collaboration between Sabo and Moroccan artist Amine K. Like all of the Sabo’s releases, this is heavenly influenced by his extensive world travels to experience different cultures, and this is reflected in its title “Tiniri” which means “Sahara” in the traditional Berber tribal language native to Morocco. Here, Matthias Meyer’s remix of “Tiniri” has a much more sequenced groove with a drum machine replacing some of the recorded percussion. He also adds his own synth melody that becomes the foundation for the original parts to be layered on top as ambient textures. Expertly ... Read more

Interview: SAAND

SAAND is not just your typical house music DJ, he is someone who has transformed himself in the past few years and that transformation fuels this next step his music is taking in 2017. Over the past year he has gotten in touch with his body and his health. This has made him a happier person and brought a transcendental lightness to the new tracks which will be released over the course of this year. I met SAAND at a Wine and Cheese party thrown by a few Desert Hearts dwellers who just couldn’t wait for the next event. Last ... Read more

Have A Very Free Download XMas With DJ Sabo And Desert Hearts

Tulum, Mexico, an area known for it’s radical healing energy and gorgeous off-jungle beaches, home to an ancient Mayan civilization that disappeared somewhere around the 16th century. Although much mystery remains, we do know they were one of the most astronomically and spiritually advanced civilizations of their time who left behind a calendar set to end on Dec. 21st, 2012. While some believed The Maya predicted an end of the world others believed the date represented a shift towards “a new era that will usher in an age of higher consciousness, greater peace, and enhanced understanding among the diverse people ... Read more