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Prominent LGBT Activist Named London’s Night Czar

London’s first night mayor will be Amy Lamé, a DJ, comedian, writer and broadcaster. Introduced my mayor Sadiq Khan, Lamé (who’s past work has included saving the iconic gay venue Royal Vauxhall Tavern) states: “It’s a privilege to be London’s very first Night Czar. I can’t wait to hit the streets and have loads of ideas of what I can do for revellers, night-time workers, businesses and stakeholders.” Tasked with the “toughest gig in City Hall,” Lamé will be tasked with turning London into a thriving 24 hour city in the vain of Amsterdam and Berlin, although with the British ... Read more

Help #SaveFabric By Signing Online Petition

With the recent troubles of London Techno insisutuon fabric well known by now, a petition has began circulating urging the Islingon Council to allow the venue to remian open. In short, over the past 9 weeks or so, 2 teenage males have died at the venue as a result of drug related complications. With that, fabric self closed two weekends back and now remains closed as they face review of their license (scheduled for 6 September). Began by WETYOURSELF! promoter Jacob Husley (you may remember him from the elderly Polish couple story a few months back), the change.org petition has ... Read more

London Mayor Officially Seeking Night Czar With Online Job Ad

Never a dull moment in London Mayor’s Sadiq Khan’s relationship with the cities robust, yet fragile, nightlife industry. First speaking out in favor of fabric and now seeking the city’s first ever “Night Czar,” via online advert. The advert was posted on London Assembly’s website and shows Khan’s willingness to follow up on his campaign promise. At the time, Khan referenced Amsterdam’s Nachtburgemeester, citing the need for a specific position in order to effectively deal with issues of nightlife. See also: Is A Night Mayor Really The Solution To London’s Club Woes? In part, the advert describes the position as: ... Read more

Is A Night Mayor Really The Solution To London’s Club Woes?

One of the key talking points from newly-elected London mayor Sadiq Khan’s campaign was his range of proposals regarding London’s night life. London is one of the most culturally in-demand cities in the world; we only need to look at the Resident Advisor listings on the weekend to see that London is heaving with events – Londoners have never had so much choice. Yet it is no secret that London night club/bar owners are facing a constant battle with both residents and the local authorities to keep their venues open. According to City Hall, this past decade in London has ... Read more

New London Mayor To Appoint City’s First “Night Mayor”

London’s new Labour Party Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has said that one of his first orders of business will be to appoint a “Night Mayor,” specifically to counteract the closing of music venues at the current alarming rate. Previous Mayor Boris Johnson, who took control in 2008, saw a city where the city has lost 1/3 of its venues, while countrywide the numbers have gone from 3,144 (2005) to 1,733 (2015). The idea of a Night Mayor, which has been pioneered in Amsterdam, aims to represent nightlife culture and business at London’s council meetings. “I don’t want young and creative Londoners ... Read more