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DHA AM Mix #286 by Sam Goku

Sam Goku, the newest addition to the Atomnation label, offers a fresh new take on dance music which he showcases in his new EP and this mix for us.  It seems like every time that dancers and listeners start craving for a new challenge, a new inspiration, there is an artist not only providing that but furthermore questioning what we think we know about club sound. It’s always a satisfying experience when an artist manages to actually create a modern sound by implementing what makes electronic music so dearly appreciated amongst enthusiasts: repetition, blended noises and just a pinch of ... Read more

DHL Mix #141 By Sam Goku

Based in Munich, Sam Goku is a DJ and Producer who has been quickly makeing a name for himself over the last few years. Originally drawn to the sounds of Ame and Super Flu, Sam Goku has since developed a sound uniquely his own – centering on balanced, wholesome, and colourful sounds that champion the idea of minimalism. As a DJ, Sam regularly plays out at festivals and clubs throughout Germany, with recent months being particularly good to him. Aside from this, Sam has found himself on the cusp of a big 2017 with several remixes and an EP as ... Read more

Premiere: Sam Goku – Seeds (Original Mix)

Chouette Musique is a new imprint coming from France. Following their first release with Rudy & Less Hate, they now deliver their 2nd EP named “Seeds” by Sam Goku and Sam Pauli on the remix. Sam Goku is an up and coming talent based out of Munich. For the Munich clubs connoisseurs, Goku is making a name for himself at venues like BobBeamanClub, Bullit and many more…Sam Pauli is behind famous imprint Chapter 24, a label consistently featured around the world. Today we chose to host the full premiere of Goku’s original track “Seeds” on Deep House London. Sam Goku ... Read more