Premiere: Karousel - Outback (Seb Zito Step Mix)

Seb Zito has been involved in electronic music since discovering it way back in 1994. Born from the underground, Seb’s initial introduction to the scene was via garage and warehouse parties back in the day when that kind of thing could happen in major cities like London or New York. Since, Seb’s DJing and music has established him as a core resident for the FUSE event series Regularly featuring on both FUSE and inFUSE, the past years have seen a string of releases and remixes that built on a solid foundation of previous output. Here, Seb takes on remix duties ... Read more

Celebrate 5 Years Of FUSE London With Epic Day/Night Event

FUSE London’s core philosophy is simple: to stand out from the crowd by hosting exceptionally high-quality raves, emblematic of superior-technical standards of sound design, and a close-knit core of residents. Over the past few years FUSE has enjoyed its success directly attributed to this philosophy, especially from the likes of the FUSE core family: Enzo Siragusa, Seb Zito, Rich NxT, and Rossko, and with the implementation of its label, FUSE London, the family were able to find a home, as well as reach out to artists who each share in this core ethos. See also: Interview: Enzo Siragusa As an ... Read more