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Premiere: Mia Mendi, Thomas Gandey – Sibuna [Stil vor Talent]

Stil vor Talent’s latest compilation has one standout tune from Mia Mendi and Thomas Gandey at the centre of it. Produced by Mia Mendi in collaboration with enduring electronic pioneer Thomas Gandey, ‘Sibuna’ is over seven minutes of scintillating melodic house music. The piece flows on top of relaxed drums and the fluttering exotic synths bring warmth, light and soul to the experience. The percussion feels natural and organic as it dangles above the beats and the whole vibe is about moving you into a deeper state of thought, holding you there as you march to the rhythm. Once again this ... Read more

Premiere: Maga & Nhii – Sirens of Space [Flying Circus]

A collaboration of like-minded artists and remixers makes for a brimming EP of transcendental house music on Maga & Nhii ’s debut for Flying Circus Recordings. The two upcoming producers, who have between them released music on Stil Vor Talent, The Gardens Of Babylon, Rebellion der Traumer and Kindisch, pair up across two tracks, and remix duties are ably handled by Tim Engelhart and Wild Dark. ‘Monogram’ is a breezy and seductively dynamic track, buoyed with huge waves of synths and cinematic sweeps, with a rolling rhythm that is simply irresistible. Wild Dark follows up their recent release for Supernature ... Read more

Premiere: Sam Shure & Cioz – Kamala Bani [Stil vor Talent]

A natural for stirring melodies, Berlin-based Sam Shure channels his all-around manifold array of talents into his new EP, Mirage, taken from his forthcoming debut album Laconia. “Mirage is a collaboration with my father who plays the Oud lines in it. I had the main groove of the track ready in my Berlin studio and felt like it needed some acoustic element. Kamala Bani was the first collaboration with amazing producer Cioz. We had the most fun working together in the studio and really enjoyed making the track. The track Encanto is for sure a nighttime track with a mystical atmosphere. ... Read more

Premiere: Maga – Infernal [Stil Vor Talent]

A Tribe Called Kotori creates a place of spirituality. At the Berlin-based gatherings forward-thinking music and psychedelic art installations coalesce into an electric atmosphere. One of the 27 carefully curated tracks of the second A Tribe Called Kotori compilation is delivered by the French, but Amsterdam based Maga. Live he is known for pacing the energy at a constant intensity with a hybrid set-up which fuses his own creations with existing tracks using minimal, melodic, atmospheric and organic patterns. With his summer 2018 residency at Woomoon Ibiza, Maga has entered a new phase of his musical career after securing a nomination for ‘Best Newcomer 2018’ at the Ibiza ... Read more

DHL Mix #237 By Simon Doty

Over the last six years, Simon Doty has become one of the most prolific producers on the scene. Working with imprints such as Rhetorical, Einmusika, Stil vor Talent, and Days Like Nights; Simon has pushed the boundaries of his sound while also becoming a staple in the touring circuit. Over the years, Simon has seen heavy support from the likes of Solomun, Maceo Plex, Sasha, Henry Saiz, Elke Kljein, Laurent Garnier, Agoria, Stephan Bodzin, Oliver Koletzki, Jeremy Olander and many more making him a name to watch in 2018 and beyond. Here, showcasing this one of a kind sound, Simon ... Read more

Premiere: Lake Avalon - Atlantis (Original Mix)

Dutch producer Lake Avalon teams up with mysterious duo Elfenberg for a split EP consisting of four spatial, tribal-infused original tracks with exotic names. The opener ‘Atlantis’ acts like an immersion in viscous chords sustained for the entirety of the track, with synth arrays lighting up the lead in what can be described as an ultimate suspense-builder, while ‘Celestia’ amps up the pace, while exploring a similar sound print characterised by radiating synth rays wrapped up in liquid percussion. Here, on today’s exclusive premiere, enjoy ‘Atlantis’. “Elfenberg/Lake Avalon” EP is available 13 July on Stil vor Talent PRE ORDER

DHL Mix #216 By Sascha Braemer

Sascha Braemer is no stranger to the global House scene. Over the past decade he has actively contributed throughout its spectrum, including an enormous amount of tracks like ‘No Sense’, ‘Forlorn’, ‘Caje’, and ‘People’, while also travelling the globe playing shows from small underground clubs up to crowds of thousands at festivals like ADE and Fusion with sets and productions characterized by an independently distinctive sound of deep melancholic melodies with touchingly warm synth basslines. With past activity on the likes of Get Physical, Kindisch, Bar25, Katermukke, Stil vor Talent, Dirtybird, Parquet Rec., Universal Music, CR2 Rec., Defected and Compost, ... Read more

Premiere: Sam Shure - Nandoo (Oliver Koletzki Remix)

With his second Stil vor Talent effort, Sam Shure rolls out five exotism-infused tracks in his signature style, including one collaboration and one remix in cahoots with label veterans Niko Schwind and Oliver Koletzki. Here, Stil vor Talent label chief Oliver Koletzki amps up the exotic appeal, adding tribal vocals and eccentric yet organic-sounding elements, leading up to a tension-filled, dance-frenzy inducing break. “Nandoo” EP is available 8 June on Stil vor Talent

Free Download: Esteble - Buchlapest (Original Mix)

Rotterdam producers Esteble first broke out in 2016 with releases on the likes of Diynamic and Anjunadeep, winning the support of industry titans including Solomun, Matthias Meyer, Annie Mac and Max Cooper. Esteble kicked off 2018, continuing that rich vein of form, with the contribution of the scintillating ‘Socotra’ to Stil vor Talent‘s Berlin: Frankfurter Tor VA in March, and now return once more , armed with an emotive yet powerful new composition in ‘Buchlapest’. The track offers up a palpable journey into the deep underworld in what is an entrancing listening experience, fusing uplifting strings in the break with ... Read more

Premiere: Giorgia Angiuli & Lake Avalon - You Caress (Original Mix)

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Giorgia Angiuli helms SVT218 in her trademark vibrating manner, offering up a total of five tracks. The classically trained singer and producer is known for using an array of toy instruments to shape her sound, a versatility that makes its mark throughout the EP. Enlisting the talents of Kittball alumnus Lake Avalon, the artists put together a captivating, string-heavy piece centered around a meandering bassline entitled ‘You Caress’. “No Body No Pain” is available 13 April on Stil vor Talent PRE ORDER

Premiere: Hidden Empire - Acid Flashback (Original Mix)

Live act and DJ duo Hidden Empire present their debut album “Mind Palace,” the fruit of their labour of one whirlwind year and coming by way of Stil vor Talent. After releases on Filth on Acid and Suara, they find a welcome home with Stil vor Talent, presenting a diversity of the genres explored across the 12 tracks of sonorous influences as well as their diverse musical sympathies. Here, the guys present nod to the classic heydays of acid comes in the shape of ‘Acid Flashback’, centered around a massive 303 synth hook. “Mind Palace” is available 23 March on ... Read more

Premiere: Esteble - Socotra (Original Mix)

The fifth installment of the “Stil vor Talent Berlin” compilation series brings forth a group of old and new faces, who exclusively contributed unreleased tracks, gathered under the umbrella of one of Berlin’s most iconic spots. Frankfurter Tor is the gateway to one of the city’s favourite districts: Friedrichshain. Loud, left and a little dirty, it houses some of the city’s best clubs, markets and musicians, Oliver Koletzki included. Its two towers stand as metaphorical guards to an area that has plenty to offer and asks for little in return, instantly making it feel like home. As always, music is ... Read more

Premiere: Sam Shure - Kasra (Original Mix)

Sam Shure’s native talent and his ever-evolving skillset dot him one of the stand out artists rising this year. Continuously developing, Sam Shure constantly adds new textures and layers, pushing his own creative boundaries, ranging from melancholic downtempo/electronica to groovy tech house, but his productions predominantly result in dancefloor-oriented arrangements. His debut EP “Dumra” was signed by Dirty Doering, the label chief of KATERMUKKE and its sister sub-label MUKKE, with subsequent releases featured on Stil vor Talent and Bar 25 Music. Now, off his latest for Stil vor Talent, ‘Kasra’ unfolds as a dynamic composition ridden with sonic glints, whether ... Read more

Premiere: Teenage Mutants - Concorde Feat. Heerhorst (Original Mix)

Teenage Mutants sets sail in a new journey into deep tech, shaping up a mosaic comprising of five original tracks with their latest Stil vor Talent release – “Le Voyage”. Here off the package is ‘Concorde,’ a term near-synonymous with aircrafts, and is one of three collaboration tracks with newcomer Heerhorst. The track swiftly unveils dark and brooding atmospheres. With the help of an initial heavy kick drum doubled by percussive elements and an electricity-tinged lead, it conveys an intense ambiance. A male vocal chanting French lyrics kicks in, ultimately unveiling the reason for the overall morose mood: it ís ... Read more

Full Premiere: Neverdogs – This Is Not The End (Julien Sandre Remix)

Marko De Gregorio & Tommy Paone aka Neverdogs are an Italian duo on the rise, over the past five years the pair have released material via the likes of Tenax Recordings and Oblack and have held residency at Music On (Ibiza) at the infamous Amnesia night club on the island.  If we talk about Julien Sandre, we can’t fail to mention the legendary French Touch that’s rooted in his artistic soul and characterises all he does. Frankie Knuckles, Marshall Jefferson, the MAW, Todd Terry and Paul Johnson are just some of the influences that encouraged Julien to buy record decks, start ... Read more