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Alert Issued For Dangerous ‘Rolex’ Pills

Scottish authorities have warned of the dangerous “Rolex” ecstasy pill circulating around the area. The green pills with the unmistakeable Rolex imprint branded were found at this weekend’s T in the Park Festival reminiscent of the para-Methoxyamphetamine (PMA) containing pills that killed 15 back in 2013. This year’s T in the Park was not without additional controversy, where two 17 year old teenagers died at the festival’s campsite on Friday evening, while an 18 year old suffered an alleged rape n Saturday. The green Rolex’ have not yet been attributed to either of these circumstances but a small batch was ... Read more

Research Shows That Music Festivals Can Be A New Cardio Workout

By now, we are well into festival season and the thought of how much cheap beer and junk food you’ve eaten may be a spot of particular sensitivity, but fear no more as recent findings have pointed to an average of over 9,000 calories burned per person per 3-day festival. The health-conscious tech company Withings has compiled a list of 10 UK festivals, calculating the number of potential calories lost by its participants.  Factors taken into account are each festival’s site map combined with the company’s tracking technology meant to assess the potential energy expended by festival-goers. The predominant genre of music may also ... Read more