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DJ Harvey Returns To Ministry Of Sound With All Night Set

On Saturday, 23 April, the legend that is DJ Harvey will make his long-awaited return to Ministry of Sound A cult Disco icon whose eclectic music choices continue to push boundaries, it will be his first appearance at the club for nearly twenty years and will see him play all-night long (on the clubs in new Dolby Atmos sound system – the world’s first surround sound dancefloor technology). One of the last DJs to work with the Paradise Garage’s Larry Levan, DJ Harvey became an early resident at Ministry of Sound in the 90s, as well as releasing a 1998’s ... Read more

Terry Farley’s Favourite London House Nights

Terry Farley’s place within UK dance music history is already assured. One of his many claims to fame is his involvement with Junior Boys, alongside Andrew Weatherall. The fanzine grew into a label, a party and a movement which was intrinsic to the world of UK dance culture in the early nineties. Terry’s involvement with the industry stretched beyond the club world, remixing high-profile pop artists and, eventually, producing for them too. He is widely recognised as a key authority on the history of electronic music here in the UK and, with that in mind, we asked him to name ... Read more