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[Playlist] Elon On KiNK & Co.

Collaboration can be a tricky game. Egos can get hurt and musical differences are pretty much par for the course. But when they hit the sweet spot, it can open up whole new avenues, especially to producers who might not have worked in tandem with someone else previously. Elon’s The Nest EP is very much indicative of a release where the producers all emerge with serious credit. The four-track vinyl offering – the 10th release on Elon’s Resolute imprint – sees the NYC-based producer join forces with none other than KiNK, Alexi Delano and Mass Prod. A diverse cast of ... Read more

New Club Phonox To Open in Brixton

Opening in Brixton this coming September will be a new nightclub, Phonox. Phonox will be located in the location once housing Plan B, albeit with a completely revamped look and design, including the removal of the downstairs DJ booth with the intention to create “somewhere where people can come out of the intensity of the dance floor and socialise,” as well as improvements in lighting, sound and “friendly faces on the front door.” Friday nights offer diverse DJs the chance to play all-nighters, while Saturdays will be led by the club’s resident DJ, who will be announced on August 3rd. “We’ve got a very specific plan ... Read more