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The World’s Best Promoters: SANDBOX Festival

The sixth edition of SANDBOX Festival in El Gouna, Egypt is a place for everyone to play free from judgement and as free spirits. It is about community and respect and will feature a mix of local rising stars and headliners like Ame, The Mole and Mike Servito all play the picture perfect setting on the Red Sea Riviera, where kite surfers enjoy themselves and sunsets take your breath away.  The people who go to SANDBOX aren’t looking to drink to forget, they are looking for mindful experiences with likeminded curatives and music lovers. As such, for the three day ... Read more

The World’s Best Promoters: Laroc (Brazil)

Laroc is located on the banks of the D. Pedro Highway in Valinhos, an hour away from Sao Paolo in Brazil. It is a blissful setting amongst rolling hills and lush green forests and boasts a big open air stage that puts DJs at the heart of the action. Those DJs–unusually, for this most nocturnal scene–start their sets in the mid afternoon and soundtrack the breathtaking sunsets that occur a few hours later when the sun slowly, dramatically sinks behind the hills. That, coupled with the high calibre of guest who plays the place, as well as its great sound system and ... Read more