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Boysnoize Records welcome back top talent Taube for another of his high-impact techno outings in the form of the Fuck The System EP. 

Taube is a modular synth system maestro, live wizard and producer who draws on everything from happy hardcore to glitch, trance and pop for his hyperactive sound. They are pure party but come with expert sound designs and have made him a contemporary tastemaker. 

The title cut Fuck The System opens up and is a brain-frying techno banger. The distorted bass is splintered and raw, the hits are monstrous and twisted synths bring dynamics to the unrelenting drums, while acid lines add extra flair for maximal impact. Second cut Higher Vibrations is another psychoactive and psychotic collision of hard techno drums, bumping bass and warped vocal samples that are looped through the mix to a manic effect. It’s a vibrant cut full of neon colours, big drops and playful melodies that sound like little else. 

This is a no-nonsense EP from Taube. 
Artist: Taube 
Title: Fuck The System 
Record Label: Boysnoize Records 

Release Date: 7th June 2024 
1) Fuck The System 
2) Higher Vibration