After a successful Natura Sonoris debut in 2016, Third Son returns to the imprint with his new “Delirium” EP.

Full of eerie sonics and rich sub-tones, continues to push his signature sound via deft production techniques and unique approach while exposing unseen surfaces and telling unheard stories. In this vain, “Delirium” is a richly atmospheric EP with a relentless groove to boot.

With that, Delirium has provided us with 10 of his most “Delirium” triggering tracks. On the playlist, Third Son states:

“The most exciting music evokes emotion. That can be euphoria, melancholy, joy, anything. But it really needs to do this to tick my boxes. These tracks definitely give you something and it’s not necessarily always in the melodics, which is something I love about club music. Delirium is quite an intense feeling, and my track describes that. The rhythm is pretty relentless and I wanted to do something powerful but still quite melodic with the theme. Something that’s always interested me are polyrhythms. The main feel of the track is in 4/4 of course, but the distorted sequence running throughout is 5/4, so you get this hypnotic groove that’s constantly shifting.”

Third Son – Delirium


Daniel Avery – Clear

Bjarki – As You Remember

Acid Arab – Mogador

Darlyn Vlys – Anxiety

Daniel Bortz – Glide

Benjamin Damage – Montreal

The Maghreban – Wrong Move

Silent Servant – Dissociation

Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy – Styx

“Delerium” is available 27 April on Natura Sonoris

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