Here’s another installment of our Top 10 Upcoming Releases, music recommendations from the team here at Deep House London with a variety of EPs and albums that we think you should have in your record collection! It’s as simple as that really, so read on and check out the great music we’ve selected for the next few weeks…

10. The Mole, Hreno, Ernesto Ferreyra – Best Buds Vol.1 | Maybe Tomorrow | 06-11-2014 |

Most tracks these days come in at around five or six minutes, maybe 10 at a push. The first track on this EP from The Mole & Hreno is 11 minutes long, which is still a little above average and very good. The Mole’s collab with Ernesto Ferreyra though is over 26 minutes long… the word epic never felt so apt. Both tracks are sublime, too so make sure you grab this special EP when it’s released.

9. Appian – Chatter EP | FINA | 24-11-2014 |

FINA put out a consistently high quality of music and this EP epitomises that. Appian’s vibes are strong, deep, emotive and utterly compelling. Nice offbeat drum patterns, swirling swathes of synth, cosmic effects and engrossing dreamscapes are what makes this a worthy purchase.

8. Aashton – 4 Real EP | Scrufix | Out now! |

Niceness from Aashton, a relative newcomer who we reckon is going to be one to watch for the coming months. ‘4 Real’ has a bulbous, squelching bassline, an excellent vocal and almost live sounding percussion. ‘Clocked It’ is a happy-go-lucky little number with a selection of bright, soulful vocals and a generally uplifting vibe. Cosmo Lopez weighs in with a really great, funked up remix, too. Excellence.

7. Life On Planets – Light Years | Sub_Urban | 10-11-14 |

Life On Planets are proteges of the Crew Love gang (Wolf + Lamb, Soul Clap etc…) and were discovered by Tanner Ross. One listen of their music tells you exactly why they’re affiliated with that bunch… it’s got vocals to die for, funk, soul and infectious beats and we can’t stop playing it. Great music by two guys worth keeping an eye on.

6. System Of Survival – Rumors | Vitalik | 10-11-2014 |

DC10 residents for a time and purveyors of the finest deep house, System Of Survival seem to take making music in their stride. Never ones to put out anything less than respectable releases, and usually above average stylings, SOS bring their talents to Ibiza-based Vitalik Recordings and drop four excellent tracks. ‘A Man Black Man’ is our pick, but they’re all delightful.

5. Markus Homm – Columbian Blue EP | Bondage Music | 28-11-14 |

German Markus Homm drops his new EP on Bondage Music and it’s a mix of bouncy tech cuts and smoother, deep compositions – all crafted with care and attention, with enough energy to keep the dancefloor moving. The title track in particular strikes the perfect balance between deep and dancefloor-friendly. Nicely done.

4. Booka Shade – Line Of Fire | Embassy One / Blaufield Music | 10-11-2014 |

Booka Shade’s name and reputation precedes them by miles, so whenever they have a new release penciled in it’s a no-brainer to give it a listen. This new EP gets itself in out top 10 because it’s such a high quality release full of emotion, melodrama and big room vibes. Of course, it’s still relatively deep in places but when those synth stabs start doing their work, then club roofs end up shooting off into the stratosphere. Mega!

3. Ali Love – Perfect Picture | Crosstown Rebels | 10-11-2014 |

Ali Love’s album P.U.M.P is one of the releases we’ve been bumping the most this year, with such a wide variety of styles on it and Ali’s unmistakable vocals and production talent. Perfect Picture gets the remix treatment from some of today’s biggest stars including Skream, Route 94 and his good friend Luca Cazal, with Dubka. Route 94’s rolling techy interpretation certainly hits the spot, but they’re all pretty fresh in their own right. Tight package.

2. Bunte Bummler – Purple Talk | Hot Trax | 24-11-2014 |

We’ve been hearing all of these tracks creeping their way into Jamie Jones’ sets over the summer and so it’s nice to finally find out who’s behind them and to be able to get hold of the music so we can play it ourselves. ‘Purple Talk’ has a subtle power lurking within its DNA, while ‘Behaviour’ is a more obvious bouncer. ‘All Away’ oozes menace in abundance, creeping along with malicious intent.

1. Maya Jane Coles – After Dark EP | mobilee | 21-11-2014 |

Four years ago Maya Jane Coles was barely known to the world, though she released with mobilee – one of Germany’s premier labels. Fast forward and she’s now one of the world’s biggest DJs, and she’s returning to mobilee with a brand new EP. Her ability to throw down exquisite deep cuts is extraordinary – particularly as it’s all done with her own unique slant. Dark and moody, yet full of emotion and with some killer vocals – Maya’s EP is our top pick this month.