Miguelle & Tons from Two And A Half Cats have joined us in a conversation about music, inspiration and the new EP released on the label, La Entrada al Paraíso.

– How are you? What’s good and bad in your world?

M: In my world, everything is good; like everyone, we have heavy days

and I always see the bad as learning of life.

T: Good, grateful for everything; every day is a new opportunity to build the path you want for your world.

How did you survive the pandemic, and what did you learn about yourself?

M&T: Luckily, we live in Miami, compared to the rest of the world, it was a little bit more manageable this whole thing. So we used those months to make a lot of music, learn, and prepare for the future. Also to be more responsible, learn to love ourselves, and take care of our mental health in these times.

What’s the scene in Miami like right now? Is it back to being fully open? Did it survive?

M&T: Miami is a cosmopolitan city; thanks to this, its electronic culture is extensive and varied.

As of December 2020, the restrictions were lifted, and the events are back. This city never stops; in a single night, you can have four different options.

And what sounds, artists, parties, and labels are popular, is there a thriving underground scene?

M&T: Yes, it exists, and it is vital. There is a wide variety of Events, Artists, and Sounds, but the main forte, without a doubt, is House, Minimal, and Deep House. Miami is where people love to party and dance non-stop. Brands like Soundtuary, UnMute , Hurry Slowly, Space, and us with Two and a Half Cats produce the most notable events for real electronic music lovers.

Where is your best environment as a DJ? a small dark club, or a massive outdoor festival stage? Late at night for the weirdos or early so you can play slow and eclectic etc.

M&T: Open Air events are our favorite option, nothing compared to playing surrounded with nature. We have a broad spectrum of music, so we enjoy it to the fullest to create a musical journey for those who dance.

Where does the impulse to create something come from for you?

M&T: We consider that we both have an extraordinary and fresh vision of music that characterizes us. The need arises to offer the world a way to share our sound and experiences in all aspects that go hand in hand with Two and a Half Cats Records. What music we create, how we play it, how you see it, and how you live an event or festival with us.

Tell us about your new one on Two and a Half Cats Records – where and when was it written?

M&T: La Entrada al Paraíso is the 3rd release from TWAHC.  This EP contains ”Thalia, La Maldita” featuring with Venezuelan R&B and Ska band ”Motherflowers”. Then ”Colores” as the name says, is a musical journey into Melodies colors and dub vibes. Finally, ”La Cotorra” and ”Play Phone Call” have a lot of Hip Hop flow and groove; these last two are flavors to the dance floor.

What inspired or influenced it? Did you have a specific context in mind when making it?

M&T: Our main influences come from the rhythms of salsa, jazz, hip-hop, R&B. We are fans of the instruments, so we use pianos, flutes, synths, strings, minimal drums, congas, and percus with a lot of grooves. We have a great workflow where we like to compose without limiting ourselves, taking inspiration from what surrounds us, what we live and feel.

What gear do you use to make your music in the studio, and does that matter to you?

M&T: We love to create Basslines, Melodies, and Rhythms.  We use several weapons that help us to find that sound that characterizes us.

Some of them are:

Ultranova – Novation

Microfreak – Arturia

Elektron Digitone Keys 37-key (quite interesting)


Maschine – NI

Roland TR-8 Drum Machine

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

M&T: Now the High Season is starting in Miami, it’s time to offer more special events and experiences. We are on our way to a series of open-air events and nightclubs, which we will announce soon. At the same time more music releases, the next one will be #TWAHC004, all through www.twoandahalfcats.net.

Thank you, Deep House London.

We are Miguelle & Tons from Two and a Half Cats Records, Miami.