Last week, we brought news of a lengthy (36 hour, to be exact) London rave, which, due to its sheer scale, was allowed to keep on going despite its illegal rave status.

Well, unfortunately, this post-Halloween brings word of the opposite: that of ravers and police clashing with several arrested following a 6 hour ordeal in Lambeth. The event, “Scumoween”, was cited by police as engaging in “public disorder and criminal damage”, was finally under control around 6am.

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It is unclear how many raver arrests occurred, but 4 police officers were treated for minor injuries. Images from the scene showed a mob throwing chairs, bottles and an object reported to have been a petrol bomb. Bangers were also thrown, while a male was seen letting off a fire extinguisher and bins were set alight on streets.

“Scumoween: A Nightmare On Scum Street”, a free event, had been advertised on Facebook as taking place Whitgift Street sarting 8pm on Halloween night and lasting all weekend, featuring music from “from the full spectrum of underground dance”.

It also seems as if the event organiser, Scum-Tek were aware of impending problems, posting on the Wednesday prior: In a warning on Wednesday to those due to attend, organisers Scum Tek said: “This party is going ahead, stay peaceful, stay calm. Patience and numbers is in our favour. Do not antagonise the police. We don’t need to. At the end of the day we want to leave them remembering our good attitudes, we just came to dance, we are not their enemy.”

Source: Daily Mail