Just ahead of New Year’s Eve an official warning has been issued against the ‘Dutch Lion’ XTC tablet.

The pill, marked by a unique ‘lion’ or ‘griffin’ emblem, is shaped like a shield and contains extreme doses of MDMA. John Milburn, 19, died in an ambulance on its way to hospital, after emergency services responded to a call from Nation nightclub in Liverpool. Andrew Glaister, age 47, has also died and is suspected to stem from similar circumstances at the same nightclub.

Deputy Chief Inspector Mark Kameen made a statement, saying: “We have launched a comprehensive investigation into the tragic deaths of these two men. At this stage of the investigation, we are exploring a number of lines of enquiry, one being that they may be drug-related. We are speaking with friends of both victims alongside staff and management from Nation nightclub, to establish the full circumstances surrounding the movements of both men that night.”

Both deaths are being treated as “unexplained” by police until they can recover and test the fatal batch of tablets.

Kameen concluded his statement on a rather pointless advisory note towards NYE clubbers and party goers: “We recognise our city’s nightclubs and bars will be busy over the coming days, especially on New Year’s Eve and I would like to remind people not to take any illegal drugs. You don’t know what’s in them or how they are going to affect you.” 

Source: Liverpool Echo