Here’s the second installment in our brand new Unsung Heroes series, where we put the spotlight on those hard working individuals who get on with the running of our best known clubs. This week it’s Dan Saxon, Floor Manager at XOYO in Old Street. Dan’s work includes looking after customers, mainly VIPs and artist liaison. He’s the man keeping everyone in the green room happy… tough job!

Daniel Saxon


Floor manager

Years working at XOYO:
Around 12 months

Representing customer and VIPs’ needs/wants on the floor, liaison & proudly delegating a hard working set of floor staff and bar backs…

So tell us how you got the job at XOYO and what you were doing before that?
A manager I had great respect for whilst working as a barman back at Bar6 (previously Matter) called me up and asked me to join his new team at XOYO. The Columbo Group had just taken over and he thought I’d be good to take on the role of floor supervisor… and here I am today!

What’s the best aspect of your job?
Meeting inspiring people…

You’re in position that many people would love to be – do you ever stop and pinch yourself?
You know what, I think I need to! It’s an amazing venue; XOYO is great for everyone involved. I’m learning a lot and I hope to keep motivated…

Was there anyone who you found it particularly difficult to win over?
Sometimes there’s those who don’t want much to do with you but that’s part of the job in creating an atmosphere they’re comfortable with. I wouldn’t say it’s been difficult to win anyone over.

[youtube id=”Bunco8zLGD8″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

Is there anyone who you felt particularly starstruck by?
I’m wouldn’t say starstruck. They’re people doing something they love, playing some of the best music around and it’s part of my job to make sure that they’re going to have an environment where they can do that. Sometimes I’m taken aback: Baby Spice was in the green room once but that was only a flicker of my 90s past haha…

Who would you class as your favourite DJs to look after? And how about music-wise, who do you love listening to?
I like Benji B, a lot of DJs roll through on his Deviation nights even if they’re not playing. There’s lots of jungle on those nights too which I enjoy. Recently with the residency series it’s been fun looking after Eats Everything and his crew and now with The 2 Bears.

In every club, the green room is always notorious for naughty antics, what’s the most entertaining incident you’ve witnessed so far?
The most entertaining thing is probably the sheer number of people that try and fit into the green room at one time (it’s notoriously cramped back there). It’s a really great environment though: one of laughter, good times and some of those antics you describe.

What advice would you give to someone who might be thinking about following in your footsteps?
Patience and a lot of perspiration. A camaraderie amongst peers and guests alike helps create a strong character.

What are your hopes and plans for the future?
Keep working hard for everyone who comes to, works for and plays at XOYO.