Cabin In The Wood is a collaborative project within the Incroyable Music family; Fennec & Wolf, Bellville, Fabio Vanore and Vallant.

The concept was to live in a cabin in the French Alps where two studios were set up for a total of 72 hours. No less, no more. Through taking shifts across the three days, the collective crafted a truly unique album with individual influences combing to create something truly beautiful.
Opening track ‘Sapois Blues’ is the only production which sees all four artists work as one, easing you with soft synth before a breaks influencers groove partners with pulsating bass line for a catchy debut. Vallant and Fennec & Wolf follow with ’Stay’, a piano and vocal inspired deep house wonder.

The tone is darkened as Fabio Vanore and Bellville follow with ‘Our Happiness’ – a punchy more minimalistic offering with trippy vocals that dart around warped top lines. ’The Cure’ brings a ray of sunrise to the listening experience before ‘Burning Bridges’ once agains bring you back into the dark main room of epic Incroyable builds and pounding drops.

‘Radiate’ shows off the versatility of Vallant and Fennec & Wolf with disjointed drum patterns stripping it back as  whirring melodies cascade around you. ’Space Cowboys’ offers up a slight hint of Italo with bass line and epic pads whilst ‘Ever’ lands with a simplistic vocal sample taking centre stage upon a bed of liquid hats and acidic elements. ‘Luomo’ from Bellville and Fabio Vanore closes our the album with more colossal synth pads and heart shaking kicks.

Vallant, Fennec & Wolf – Stay [Incroyable]
A1]  Stay
Release Date: 28-11-2022 // Buy here


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