Walker & Royce have turned inwards on Self Help, their debut album on Dirtybird, inviting listeners on an out-there trip through the quirks and quips of an act on the tip of modern house music’s tongue.

Walker & Royce have made a rapid ascent into the inboxes of the genre’s most sought after label bosses of late, after linking up in 2011 and working relentlessly to define and refine their now-signature sound. Launching from Claude vonStroke‘s release of their Boy EP in summer 2016, they headed straight into their next success on Green Velvet’s Relief via their Peep This Cat EP, then into the studio with This Ain’t Bristol head honcho Billy Kenny resulting in the collaborative heat of ‘The Lonely Robot,‘ and now, with the world watching, they return to Dirtybird with support from DJs across the globe and a devoted fanbase.

Check out the organ chords that open the lead single “Take Me To Your Leader” above, and keep a look out for Walker & Royce’s “Self Help” on Dirtybird – 20 October 2017

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