In yet another sign of turbulent economic times for the independent minded anything, corporate music machine Warner Music has cut its ties with a number of small busnisses.

In our age of corporate consolidation and the strongarming of the “little guy,” of course, such practices are becoming commonplace, with many corporate conglomerates exercising outdated policies, back from Capitalism’s delusional golden age. In the case of Warner Music, its distribution arm, WEA cited its policy of $10,000 annual orders, or lack thereof, for the action. Of course, though, they fully support the independent creative:

“WEA proudly supports hundreds of independent vinyl retailers across the country with direct distribution, and many more through other channels.” A representative for WEA told the magazine. “Last week, in accordance with our long-time policy, we recommended that a limited number of retailers would be better served by working with one of the many vinyl wholesale partners that carry all of our artists’ releases.”

So, why is this a big deal? Well if you’re a Wall Street lacky then you probably don’t care but, to those who do not fall on sociopathic scale, such a system would create a hierarchy even more absolute than already exists. You know the drill: smaller business simply wouldn’t be able to compete with larger retailers who hold the expendable buying power, thus the smaller shop would have to turn to third party distributors, ultimately yielding mark ups.

So, as the wheels keep turning and the rich get richer, once again it is everyone else that gets fucked.

Source: Pitchfork