Hey Noha, welcome to Deep House London! How are you?

Hello guys, thanks for having me 🙂

What has it been like getting back to partying and DJing again after the pandemic?

As we speak I still haven’t played or been in a club yet. The first upcoming gigs are starting now to line up and I’m beyond excited for it. I have no idea how it will feel to do it all over again.

How much has the last year affected the music you have made, the style and sound of it?

I think everything changed. And I think that I would be terrified by the idea of not being affected by something so new for all of us. For the first time I made music without a dance floor in mind. It was like opening Pandora’s box and not knowing what I would eventually find.

What are some of the key bits of music making gear in your current set up?

I recently got a Prophet Rev 2 and it completely changed my workflow. I never had such a good sounding machine. I’m totally in Love

Tell us about your new EP ‘The Midnight Zone’. What was the inspiration behind it? And how come you wanted it to be on your own imprint?

As we are approaching what seems to be a slow return to club life, I felt it was the perfect moment to release tracks that I used to play in my djsets right before the pandemic hit. I wanted to let go of those memories, and for me to do a record it’s the best way. The second the music is out, an intimate attachment to the music is gone. So in a way, this might be my most personal ep I ever released. And having it as the 10th release of Panickpanick just felt a nice way to celebrate the label birthday.


How do you work, do you have an idea in your head you work towards or do you just experiment and jam and see what happens?

Every time that I started making music thinking “ I know what to do” results have been mediocre at best. To know where you are going – always seems like a big illusion for me.

On the other hand, all my best music started with me falling in love with a sound and have it ditacte me where to go next. I want to feel that I’m not deciding. I want to watch myself make music, as a spectator.

What is your favourite club in the world to play and why?

So far playing at Stereo  has been the best club experience I ever had. I never had so much pleasure behind the decks. The sound of that room is just incredible.

If you had to pick your favourite two tracks to open and close a set what would they be?

I used to open so many of my sets with “I want to sleep” By dj Koze. The track puts me in the right place, it feels like stretching before a long run.  On the other hand, I think it’s just a beautiful joke to start a dj set with a track with such name. But regarding ending tracks, I never plan those. They need to happen in a spontaneous way.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

At the moment I’m working on the score music for a documentary that will be out next year. I’m also finalizing a new  Patagonia album and few more releases. It’s gonna be an exciting year after this long sleep.


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