Secret Factory is one of the most ambitious duo of the Hungarian electronic music scene who have very deep roots in the genre. Through almost 20 years of working together they represented no compromises in musicality, rather they express experimental and avant-garde characteristics.

Their unique and eclectic style is the reason why they can cover a wider audience of the techno subculture, and thanks to this they are perfect in warming up the dancefloor before the headliners or finishing the rave after them. Because of this capability they are an absolute must for the biggest Hungarian clubs, as well as the biggest festivals, such as Sziget Festival, B My Lake or Balaton Sound.

The collaboration of Andris and Balázs expands beyond their musical project: their joint club series called Secret Fusion rules the Hungarian scene for 20 years now. Their experimental characteristics also define the club nights by responding to the new tendencies of the techno genre.

After all the preparation Secret Fusion Records launched in 2019 and it is already a well known label in the Indie Dance scene.


Hey guys, great to speak to you! How are you?

Well, thank you, we are feeling great now with two pretty intense months behind us! Had some great parties and a few much-awaited new releases.

What did you learn during the pandemic year, what did you miss most?

In the first few months of the lockdown, we actually enjoyed some of its benefits. We have taken the opportunity to slow down a bit and spend more valuable time with our family. Although the whole pandemic situation came as a shock…ordinary things like sitting in a bar or a restaurant or just going out at night just felt so far and nostalgic at that time. Lockdown definitely taught us not to take anything in life for granted…

Did you spend much time together during the lockdowns?

During that time we mostly kept in contact online. Good thing is that we had the time for things we were too busy to deal with before: like setting up our label’s Bandcamp, creating our Youtube channel, not to mention the massive amount of time spent on Netflix 🙂

We have a pretty intense, loaded twenty years behind us, so this little break was much needed for us. Of course, we would not expect it to go this long, so in the end, we suffered from it badly. For a lot of people, that was the perfect time for studio work, but honestly, we kinda lost our creative flow during the lockdown, so what we did was rather some kinda experimenting with sounds than proper studio work.

Do you make music in person or over the internet? Who does what when producing?

We have a little studio where we usually work together on our tracks from scratch, but also happens that some of us just bring an idea or some loops and we just finish it together. Basically, our process is kinda slow and normally we make a lot of changes to the original idea until we call it ready. Although this started to change just now, it’s safe to say that we are more and more effective these days.

Did the pandemic and year-off gigs affect the sound of your music much? Did you make slower more thoughtful stuff at all?

We made only one track inspired by the pandemic events, it’s our latest release, called ‘We Breath As One’. Basically, when it comes to producing we just go with the flow- we are doing what we feel, what we love. Sometimes it makes it hard to categorize the result or to say ‘this is our genre and this is not, but honestly, we love this kinda eclecticism, this is a thing we can relate to in our sets too. We love to float between various styles and genres, it would be really boring for us to just stick to one thing.

When did you first meet? Why start working together?

We know each other since childhood… Back then when we were about 10 years old we had a pretty serious quarrel about a BMX cycle. Then at 18 life brought us back together, we both became residents at the local ‘Fless’ club. A year later we threw our first events together, Secret Fusion came to life and the rest is you know, history 😀 What glues us together is that we have dramatically different approaches to everything, but when it’s about music we always find our common ground.

What gear do you use in the studio? Are you more into hardware or software? Or both?

We have a serious amount of gears, with a huge modular system which is really the highlight of our studio. Usually, we just start with jamming and the rest just builds up. We consider ourselves hardware guys. We have a vast collection of drum machines and synths and just love the ‘gear porn’  but of course, there are situations when using software is the best solution.

What makes your music unique, what do you pride yourself on when producing?

Each one of our tracks is different and unique, and that’s intentional. We always start with a ‘tabula rasa’. It may sound dummy and of course, it’s fussy but this is how we roll. Funny thing that despite all these things there is always something in the end that tells us off.

Tell us about the new EP on Secret Fusion and what inspired it, where it was written for?

The basic idea behind the  „We breathe as one” EP came right before the lockdown, as well as the idea that it would go well with some vocals. The lyrics and also the vocal made by Mat Skinner and when we sent them back to us, we just lost or shit it was brutal and perfect and made the track to another level. We really wanted a slower,  electro flavored remix from it, so we made it around springtime with a Juno60 which is one of our fav classic synths.

Are you making tunes to play in your own sets, with certain clubs and situations in mind?

It is always an aspect, yes, but not the main focus. During gigs, it happens that we are not even playing our own tracks. We wouldn’t like to squeeze them in, we put them only when we feel it’s really the right moment for that.  Lately, we have agreed to the next few projects gonna be more about the dancefloor, while we collect some more experimental stuff for a different kinda future project.

After 20 years in the game, what are you most proud of?

We always feel the urge to try and show something new. Maybe this is the reason why Secret Fusion is still a thing after two decades. The idea of starting our own label has stuck in our minds for quite a time. It required a lot of time and preparation, but we did not anticipate it to be this successful in such a short amount of time.  This label is really our pride nowadays, but we are not alone in it. We receive a huge amount of help from our labelmanager Souveq, also from Joone. We owe a special thanks to Tündi Varga for the artwork. We are lucky to have so many supportive people around, who are not taking things more seriously than they should be taken and whom we have the same understanding about the music scene nowadays – together we have really good jokes on its sick and twisted turns.

What’s next, what else are you working on?

We have quite a lot on our plate nowadays. Amongst other things, there is an idea of doing an international Secret Fusion label night or a series of it. In the last few years, we met a bunch of talented artists through the label,  would be nice to have everybody in the same booth. Regarding our future plans or wishes, there ain’t many special things:  we would like to make a bunch of music and to play as many and as long as we can!