Some may have naughty ideas that come to mind when thinking of Amsterdam’s finest. We, however, immediately thinks of quality music. Magneet Electric selected some of the finest organizations for you to close the popular ‘Magneet Festival‘, which is around for a month every year. Amongst those you find Cartel, Prisma, Chasing The Hihat, Pleinvrees and us. There is not always need for big names to create a good vibe. Quality artists with talent and potential is what makes a good line up, Magneet certainly brings just that! Having this party at one of the most precious locations in Amsterdam and new additions to the line up like Medlar (UK), Secret Cinema and Steven de Peven, this can only mean one hell of a magical day

For all our party people that can not stop after 12 and like to continue there is an official after party at Studio 80 with Medlar (UK), Kong & Gratts (BE), Tettero and more. We will bring a special b2b set from PRUNK and PONY in area 2, a magical combination.

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About Magneet Festival 
Where Magnets attract certain metals, this ‘Magneet (Magnet) Festival’ seems to attract a wide variety of people. ‘Magneet Festival’ is participation and co-creation in the best sense of the word. You can pitch your creative ideas for the festival and if this is achievable, realistic and popular, the festival co-creates and facilitates. This makes it the first crowd-sourced festival of its kind in Europe.

With ‘No spectators only participators’ being the ‘Magneet Philosophy’ and ‘Leave no Trace’ as their motto, it is all about working together and durability. During the build up the participators are expected to keep the durability in mind so the location will return in it’s original state or even cleaner.

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Secret Cinema | Steve Rachmad | Kong & Gratts (BE) | Juan Sanchez | Prunk | Miss Melera | SHMLSS | PONY | Kevin Arnemann | Tettero | Some Chemistry | Marckus | Anton Kuertz (live ensemble) | 10dens (live) | Hubert Kirchner (live) | La Vondel (live) | Deep ‘N Disco Boys | Kevin Duane | Daan de Boer | Dirty Bastards | Staas Lucassen | Zyxile (live) | Primo Zapp | Mudde | Drum Tone | Ringo (live) | Casette

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