Already well on the way to its funding goal, Remidi is crowdfunding an interesting new product meant to create music by hand gestures via a wearable glove device.

Something akin to the old Nintendo Power Glove, the US-based company’s T8 (“Touch” + 8 sensors) allows its wearer to record, remix, play, and perform music via its 8 internal pressure sensors. These sensors read movement and speed, adjusting effects like reverb, duration, tempo and pitch accordingly across any surface, including on the body or simply in space

Compatible with everything from Ableton and FL Studio to Logic Pro X, the T8 is also handy on the move as it comes with an accompanying app for mobile music production. And, if that all wasn’t enough, the T8 can also be incorporated into Traktor, for hand based DJing.

The T8 glove is now funding on Kickstarter, with a price tag starting at $199.

Source: FACT