After 5 years, Ableton Live has finally announced its long-awaited update from Ableton 9 to Ableton 10.

The Berlin-based DAW powerhouse is the programme of choice for many producers and lauded for its streamlined workflow, uncluttered interface and deceptive sophistication. As a long time advocate of the programme, Point Blank Music School has produced a short and accessible video, providing insight into Ableton 10’s new features.

The video, which you can see below, features Point Blank’s lead course developer, Ski Oakenfull touring the DAW itself and in conjunction with the Ableton Push controller where some of its most exciting upgrades revolve.

Check out the video and check out all of Point Blank Music School’s Ableton related courses. The London based school also has branches in Ibiza, Los Angeles, and Mumbai, as well as featuring their most comprehensive course – BA (Hons) in Music Production & Sound Engineering Degree, and a slew of online courses.

Point Blank Music School