The 18 year old daughter of US President Barack Obama was in town over the weekend, and it seems like she got the most out of her brief Amsterdam trip.

Spotted at The Sugar Factory by DJ Yuri Roest (who admits to being intoxicated on the night in question), apparently the daughter Obama and three friends “ got drunk really fast”. Roest went on to describe Malia as, “superb dancer, much like her father…very flexible, she has good hips.”

Malia Obama was in town for a brief stop over en route with her mother and sister to raise awareness for the Let Girls Learn Initiative, where the trio will also visit Liberia and Morocco. As for Malia, she recently turned 18 and is now spending a gap year before attending Harvard. Too bad she’s subject to drunken DJs getting into her business but, all the better for us!

You can watch the video footage below (in Dutch)

Source: RadarOnline