Everybody’s been there (or otherwise saw it happen): trying to sneak past security with a made up story of how well you know the DJ or his/her crew in order to get to that most wondrous place: the backstage area. So how far did you ever go to make it there? We bet that using Wikipedia as a backstage entry ticket never came to most people’s minds. 

Well, one David Spargo actually edited the Wikipedia page of Peking Duk, a well-known Australian DJ duo, to his advantage: by including a couple of sentences that made it seem as if he was a close relative of the two. When visiting one of their shows, Spargo easily convinced the event crew that he was indeed a family member of one of the Duks by showing them the artist’s Wiki page.Et voila, it didn’t take too long before Spargo found himself sitting next to the artists in the green room.

Of course the artists themselves knew better, but let the old schemer could stay backstage nonetheless. They even shared a couple of beers and had a laugh, as the Facebook post describing the affair tells us.

last night someone edited our wikipedia page to say he was our family. showed security at our show, got into the green room and had a beer with the boys.. Spargo you legend

Posted by Peking Duk on Wednesday, 2 December 2015

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