Despite her successes (and there are many) Maya Jane Coles remains something of an enigma in the world of contemporary dance music culture.

Now, as she preps the release of her second full length album – “Take Flight,” a 3x heavy vinyl/double CD release with exclusive hardback book, Maya Jane Coles once again showcase her eclectic and diverse creative skills. How? By exerting full creative control over this project, as she does with all her work, writing, producing, engineering, arranging, mixing and performing each track, even designing the artwork.

From the sublime soundscapes of its opening number ‘Weak’ to the hip hop inspired title track, “Take Flight” is surely Maya Jane Coles most substantive work to date, which says a lot for an artist who has collaborated with the likes of The XX, Bonobo, Little Dragon, Florence & The Machine, Sam Smith and Ella Fitzgerald, while also releasing mix compilations for DJ Kicks and Fabric Live.

“Take Flight” is available 25 August on I/AM/ME / Skint/ BMG PRE ORDER and receive ‘Won’t Let You Down’ and ‘Cherry Bomb’ from the album’s critically lauded preceding EP instantly.

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Bo & Wing
Old Jam
Take Flight
Darkside feat Chelou
Lucky Charm
A Chemical Affair feat Wendy Rae Fowler
Misty Morning feat Wendy Rae Fowler
Keep Me Warm feat GAPS
Let You Go
Won’t Let You Down
On My Way
Go On And Make It Through
Cherry Bomb
Chasing Sunshine
Golden Days
Passing Me By