With a rich background in the arts, Ramyen embarked on a journey behind the decks, delving deep into the world of electronic music. In 2021, he launched the successful Casa Luna 360°, marking a career shift as Founder and Curator of Mellow Island. A pop-concept party designed to rekindle the childlike wonder within us all. Mellow’s radiant daytime and after-hours festivities are a testament to Ramyen’s ability to transport partygoers into a world of pure euphoria.

Tell us your story, how did you first begin in the music industry that has led you to this moment?

My uncle is a songwriter, and I have always been very close to and a big fan of him. It all started with French variety, which led me to discover many different types of music, eventually leading to house music.

Mellow Festival is happening in Saint Martin on 29th December through 3rd January, what was the inspiration behind it and what makes it so unique?

The Mellow universe is very colorful and the line up very eclectic. And what we’ve noticed is that people identify themselves with the concept and completely lose themselves at our parties. Mellow Island Festival will be the climax.

The lineup includes some standout artists including Carlita, Shimza, and Dan Ghenacia, what was the thought process behind tailoring it?

My vision of the party is surrounded by your friends and people you appreciate lineup—friends and people we’ve loved collaborating with in the past. 

You DJ and produce yourself, what upcoming music could you tell us about, do you have anything coming soon?

Of course! We just released “Promesses” on Universal Music with my friends Amour Propre, and a few more releases are coming. The next one is on December 9th, a special EP on Sound of Khemit (US).

On a personal note, you’ve performed at various clubs and events around the world, where has been your most favorite to perform and why?

I love the energy at Bridge Paris—the venue, the sound system, and how people react when they are there. I think it’s the best club in town. Outside of my dear France, I would say Coco Beach last year for NYE; it was out of this world, the main reason why Mellow Island is born. A special shoutout to my associates Vincent and Antoine, owners of Coco Beach, the festival’s main venue.

For 2024, what are your predictions for industry trends that you foresee?

Classic pure house music will come back very strong shortly, if it’s not already the case. I’m convinced.

Please share a favorite track of yours, which encapsulates the mood and ethos of the upcoming Mellow Island festival!

The entire essence of the Mellow concept is the contrast between the childish atmosphere and the underground music, so I’ll give you two tracks: “Promesses” by Ramyen x Amour Propre and “Espeesso” by Ramyen x Assayag.

Thanks for having me!