A quarterly event notorious for matching leading talent with cutting-edge surroundings, Minimal Effort has emerged as a dominant brand in Los Angeles.

By offering a haven for dance music connoisseurs with no boundaries, this event series produces extravagant soirees in a heterogeneous assembly of venues that are distinctive and extraordinary. A certain commonality exists between attendee that creates vehemence throughout, allowing for elation and jubilance. Minimal Effort is ardent and steadfast allowing for credence and assurance that each participant will be profoundly entertained—each and every time they return.

Minimal Effort returns on Halloween, bringing a certain commonality between those in attendance, those that are performing (including our very own Deep House Amsterdam stage – featuring BLOND:ISH, Adana Twins, Finnebassen, Kimou, and more), and the entities that may or may not be present. Three stages will be curated for your enjoyment and entertainment and hosted by some of the most extraordinary brands in dance music.

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Taking place at the magnificent Belasco Theater in Downtown Los Angeles, this is not going to be your ordinary Halloween event. For nearly 30 years, Belasco Theater was resurrected as a church and rumor has it that phantom footsteps were heard by members of the congregation coming from the stage as well as odd rustling sounds from back stage when the area was completely empty. A former organist tried to explain these sounds and believed that people actually heard a very elderly lady who lived under the stage who was “inherited” from the previous church. Occasional sightings of this woman eventually diminished and she did as well. Her true identity was never known and her spirit may still linger until this day.

Prior to Minimal Effort’s Halloween festivities, we thought it would be interesting to get the inside scoop from the organizations head, Cyril Bitar. As a staple of LAs undergroud scene, Cyril has founded Underrated Presents, as well as its weekly Clinic Wednesdays, and is also 1/2 of the bi-coastal duo Human Resources. A true champion of the underground, we caught up with Cyril to speak everything Minimal Effort, Los Angeles, Halloween, and more.

“The momentum is picking up and gradually, yet surely, veering off from the flashy, commercial scene LA once only embodied.”

So, obviously, the name Minimal Effort holds a certain double connotation, especially given the scene. On one hand it brings to mind minimal music, and on the other, the fact that, perhaps, event
production comes naturally to you. What is the story behind the name ‘Minimal Effort’?

Minimal Effort’ As Minimal Effort bookings are adaptable, from sultry, yet lively house music, to banging tech-house basslines, we are far from limited to minimal music.

The motive behind Minimal Effort is quite simple. Build it and they will come; top-notch sound system, sensational environment and a versatile, high-quality lineup that can be appreciated by all. It’s about making it accessible for anyone. You need “Minimal Effort” to enjoy our experience.

Personally, how did you get your start in the industry? Were you a fan first or did you go straight to event production?
My start in the industry roots back to my hometown of Beirut, Lebanon. A couple of friends, 3 DJs and 1 photographer, were passionate about the music and scene. We began throwing our own shows starting in small bars, but within a year were easily selling out large venues. With that being said, this is how Underrated Presents was born– the production company which I obviously migrated to LA with myself and manage Minimal Effort, Clinic Wednesdays, etc. from.

Overall, I was very passionate about the music and while finding it hard to get booked for gigs, I decided to curate my own.

What are the advantages of hosting a quarterly event? How does the concept of the quarterly event fit in with the general philosophy of Minimal Effort?
Four times a year works very well for Minimal Effort. It gives us enough time to plan each show in advance and make sure all angles are covered from bookings to production. Our winter dates always take place on Halloween & NYE. For the other two, we focus on finding alluring venues that compliment the LA-Springtime ambience., while maintaining Minimal Effort’s dark and seductive vibe.

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Explain the Los Angeles scene in a nutshell. How does its underground scene stack up to the more flashy fare the city is widely known for?
LA is a beautiful city, with an eclectic population. Although the house/techno underground scene has been alive for quite some time, the future is bright. The momentum is picking up and gradually, yet surely, veering off from the flashy, commercial scene LA once only embodied.

What makes Minimal Effort a distinctly ‘Los Angeles’ affair?
As Minimal Effort began in an illegal warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles, we are proud to see where it is today. Taking greater risks, while ensuring our vision stays true and consistent has been the anthem to our progression. With that being said, we appreciate the versatility LA has to offer and strive to instill this within our parties.

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