This week’s mixtape is a very special affair to celebrate another fifth anniversary. Earlier this week you may remember our special premiere from the ‘5 Years Of Needwant’ compilation, and now we have another amazing label hooking up with us to celebrate their fifth anniversary – it’s the infallible Keinemusik.

Known for their deep, emotive productions, beautiful artwork on every release and, of course, superlative DJ sets the Keinemusik family are without a doubt one of the collectives we respect the most out there in the big wide world of house music. In fact, just a couple of months ago &ME’s ‘After Dark’ was one of our top Burning Man tracks… incredible vibes.

The core team at Keinemusik; Rampa, &ME, Adam Port, David Mayer and Reznik have been on tour around Europe for just under a month now, playing spectacular back-to-back-to-back-to-back sets in cities such as Vienna, Stuttgart, Istanbul, Oslo, Rome and Moscow and their hometown Berlin of course, where they finish up the tour on November 15th.

Besides the city-hopping, non-stopping tour, the guys have also put together ‘Workparty Five’ a compilation of music from the team that really showcases what they are all about. Spread across two solid pieces of vinyl, it’s an essential purchase which will be available on November 17th.

We’ve teamed up with the Keinemusik gang to get this mix together and an exclusive interview from the guys too, which you can check out below the mix. So stream or download the podcast and put it on while you’re reading the interview.

Big up all the Keinemusik crew and congratulations!


How has the tour been so far?
Great! The tour is going really well. All shows are packed, the vibe is amazing and all of us are having a good time playing b2b2b2b. So we are looking forward to play the upcoming shows and of course the final stop/release party of our ‘Workparty five’ at Watergate 17th of November.

Which member of the crew got the most drunk?
Rampa and &ME are switching the crown from show to show.

Any memories from the tour that you will take with you to the grave?
Gonna take lots of them to hell maybe.

Which country has the craziest crowd?
It depends, Italy is always freaking out in a positive way. But also UK and Germany like to go nuts after a couple of drinks.

How does it feel to be five years deep with the label now?
To be honest it feels like two years. We are still hungry and enjoying the touring and doing music.

How do you think the label has evolved/matured since it was first conceived?
There is more structure and confidence in what we do and how we do it. But in the end, we’re still just a bunch of kids on tour!

Where would you like the label to be in another five years?
In the same place but on a higher level.

How do you imagine you’ll be celebrating the 10th birthday?!
We are doing the tours with four people for five years now. It started really small. We toured only in Germany in the beginning, then it was Europe. A world tour with all members would be nice in context with the 10th birthday.

Can you name the five most important Keinemusik releases so far…
&ME – F.I.R.
Adam Port – Someone To Love
NR& – Broken Toy
David Mayer – Celsius
Rampa – Everything

Tell us what’s coming up on the label..
The ‘Workparty Five’ EP is coming up next. This is always our most important release within a year. Every artist is contributing one track to this one. We will have a double vinyl with a nice packaging this time.

Can each member of the team finish this sentence? “Without house music I would…”
Rampa: Not answer this question.
&ME: Play techno.
David Mayer: Dance to &ME playing techno.
Adam Port: Without house music I would play bass guitar in a Death Metal band.

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