David Lopez was as a child already really interested in music and at an early age the 1p12 record shop in Madrid became his second living room. He got so into music that he started producing 5 years ago and is playing in Madrid for 10 years now. The way Lopezhouse describes his own music style is Deep House with Minimal touches, an energetic sound with surprises.

3 years ago David met Carlos Pulido, who is the guy he is collaborating with at the moment. He has releases together with him on the Romanian label ‘Sintope’, from NTFO and Rhadow, and as well on SoundZ, Recovery Tech and soon a new record on Jett Records and another release on Stefano Noferini’s ‘Deepperfect Records’.

David and Carlos their tracks have been played by artists such as NTFO, Rhadow, Lula Circus, Sasse, Alex Justino, Infinity Ink, HNQO and PONY.

At this moment Carlos and David are working on a 4-track project with own vocals. More info about this soon, for now enjoy the Mixtape from Lopezhouse!