Jon Celius from Norway is a 21 year old talent that will soon release his Debut EP on Cream Couture. This EP with 3 tracks of him called: I’m Down, Still Don’t Love You and Rhytm ‘n Poetry are absolutely great tracks and we love all of them. We are looking forward to hear the remixes of PONY, Patrick Podage and more. We already heard a little preview of PONY their remix and this EP will be definitely a big one! Also Jon recently did a remix for the Lee Webster EP on OH! called Romance is Alive.

Before this all happend Jon started on the age of 13 to play guitar and got interested in Hip Hop when he was 16 years old. His first productions were influenced by Jazz, Disco, Funk and Soul. His biggest influence at that time were Dj Premier and Pete Rock.

From producing Hip Hop Jon wanted to learn how to scratch and got himself a pair of decks and through the years he got more into electronic music but still kept his Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk and Soul background as the basis of his productions.

Jon Celius is definitely a name to remember as he will come with a lot more soon! Expect a remix of a Betoko track, a EP on Nervous and who knows what else is coming for this Norwegian talent

Enjoy his funky set! <3