Nhan Solo, A man who killed 2012 with some of his amazing track releases for labels such as OFF Recordings, Nurvous Record and 2DIY4. His tracks “Easy” & “Friends” made it to the top 10 Beatport hits and has support from some big names out there.

This energetic artist found his way to Berlin and set up his own imprint called ‘Mother Recordings’ in 2012. The Label has had artists such as Daniel Dexter, Death On The Balcony, The Revenge, Audiojack, NTFO, Pammin and Shivers. In this mix there are some unreleased beauties that will appear in the near future on Mother Recordings.

So far 2012 was a good year for Nhan Solo’s with Gigs all over Europe (Istanbul, Amsterdam, Zurich, Oslo, Copenhagen, Lyon, Berlin etc.) and much more to come for him in 2013. Soon he will travel to Brazil to do a tour there and his new EP called ‘Nina Rocks’ is out now on his own imprint. Get it Here

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