This week it is exactly 1 year ago that Deep House Amsterdam came into existence. To celebrate this we wanted to go back for a little moment to see what has changed for us and what remained the same. We see a lot has changed but the reason why we started this project is still the same; our love for great Deep House music. We expanded, got a much nicer website, got our own office, we had some great artists doing a mixtape but that is just the beginning. In year 2 our plans are even bigger and we like to take you all along in this journey together with us. As soon as we can announce our plans, you are the first to find out!

For this weeks mixtape we re-posted the mix with which it all started, the first mix of Deep House Amsterdam. Me and Wietse Bos from the Deep ‘N Disco Boys, who started this project, took care of this first mix and it is still one of our favourites.

To celebrate our 1 year of existence we will do a big party on the 13th of April together with UK Sounds who is also celebrating their 1 year anniversary. For this party we invited 4 names from the UK and a lot of local talents. We can proudly say that we have Ejeca for his debut in the Netherlands and he is doing a special 4hr set for us. We are also bringing Jonny Cade, who released tracks on 2020vision and together with Huxley he had an EP on Kolour Recordings. Next to these 2 badboys we have Kezla, who recently had his first gig in Amsterdam and we can tell you that was off the hook! Also Oli Furness, who recently delivered us a real fine mixtape, will perform at our 1 year this coming 13th of April. Of course our Deep ‘N Disco Boys will play here and some of our other residents as well. We will come with more names this week.

For now enjoy this mix that is a year old but still sounds fresh as yesterday <3