Tettero, who has been dj-ing since he was very young, developed a musical enthusiasm by his musical father and grandfather. At an early age he began spinning records and organizing various events in Haarlem and Amsterdam.

After 10 years of events and countless gigs, both national and international, Tettero thought it was about time to produce his own music. To do this right he felt like he needed to leave Amsterdam and move to one of the most magical music spots in the world, Berlin. He bought himself some great synths and other equipment to be fully ready to dedicate himself to this new adventure.

Tettero found a very nice spot next to Berlin’s Watergate, where he built his studio. The endless tutorials and help from friends who produce got him on the right track, literally and figuratively speaking. When listening to his upcoming stuff we hear that he has learned very fast and has really dedicated himself to this project. Tettero has also some great co-productions coming up with 2 shining stars, Tom Trago and San Proper, these 2 guys are in the scene for quite a while but still massively growing. A co-production this soon with such talents is something special.

We are very much looking forward to all the releases forthcoming from Tettero and also his return to Amsterdam. Luckily we can embrace him into our arms again soon, when he moves back to Amsterdam in August.