When Jonny Cade turned 6 his musicality began by getting a drum kit for his birthday. At the age of 14 his sisters introduced him to the clubbing scene, where he started mixing jungle and break beats. He never had a clue that he would start a career in being a DJ, until he fell head over heals for the 4×4 House beat. Collecting vinyl and playing at under-aged house parties was more than enough at the time..

Now Jonny Cade has become known for his fresh, deep sounding productions and his unique dexterity for rhythm. At 23, he has had releases already with some of the most well respected labels in the industry, such as Leftroom, 2020vision and Kolour Recordings. On this last one he had a collaboration EP with well respected producer Huxley, who is known for his deep laid back grooves and ultra original sounds, all of which can be heard on their EP ‘London to Leeds’ released on digital and vinyl with Kolour Recordings.

For our 1 Year Anniversary from Jonny, a special shout out to us and everyone who is coming this saturday the 13th of April.

Jonny Cade: “I have compiled this podcast for the boys at Deep House Amsterdam which is full of tunes that are tickling my fancy at the moment. I’m looking forward to playing my debut set in Amsterdam this weekend and wanna say thanks to Lex and the lads for booking me to play. Enjoy the Podcast and see you on Saturday!! Guuuurn!! Whoop whoop!!!! x”