Shall Ocin is one of the suprises from last year releasing some massive tracks and remixes on quality labels like Ellum, Leftroom and Culprit LA. Nicolas started discovering music at a very young age playing the guitar and electric bass. In his recent releases you hear his love for distortion, 80’s music and funk.

In 1998 he discovered turntables and fell in love. Since then he started playing in clubs in Spain and not long after he got invited to play in clubs in Argentina, Germany and France. Shall Ocin played alongside DJ’s like Maetrik (Also known as Maceo Plex), DJ T and Audio Fly. Playing for 13 years already he decided in 2011 that it was time to produce. This has been the turn in Nicolas his career with quality releases. The future for Nicolas is looking bright and hopefully we can catch a glimpse of this great talent soon!

Enjoy his mix for now <3