Rey & Kjavik, two guys from the middle of nowhere, who prefer to stay anonymous that make some funky deep house music, sometimes with an edgy darker twist.  It started with there EP ‘Wooden Chapter’ on Kindisch, Get Physical’s sister label, including the track Lora that got recognition by some big names. The next hit ‘Animal vs. Beast’ was a collaboration with Kevin Iszard and heard in sets from M.A.N.I.K. and Adriatique, who later also made a remix of the track.

The boys also have releases on Exploited, Compost ‘Black Label’ and By Awake, the label from their agency. The identity of the guys is still unrevealed and only a few people know who is behind the duo. For us its not about who is behind the music, but just the music as it is. Therefore we we asked them to do a mix for us and here it is. Hope you enjoy it!