Kain & Aber exists of the duo Jochen Pail and Hadrian Stampfer. Where Hadrian worked as a co producer for Clara Moto’s album on Infine Rec. and on other tracks for Skint Recordings, Jochen was doing parties in Graz with his friends. The party named “Schwarzes Herz” had artists like Solomun, Dixon, Ame, Hell, Peter Kruder, Argy and more. Now after a long friendship the two decided to form Kain & Aber and will soon have a release EP on the dutch label Double Tree Records from Lex (Deep ‘N Disco Boys) and Prunk. They recently had an EP release on stir15 called ‘Hey You’ with remixes by Ian Pooley and C-Rock

Coming friday these boys will make their first appearance in The Netherlands at our hosting in Studio 80 with a new club night ‘The Shell’ alongside Deep ‘N Disco Boys and Daan de Boer. Come check it out when you are around!