This week we have the pleasure of treating you to a mixtape by Mat.Joe. When we first heard this name last summer we thought these guys were from the US, but Mat.Joe actually stands for their actual names Matze and Johannes, two young men who are starting to get noticed in the international house scene.

Their success didn’t just happen overnight but took some time. Matze and Johannes met back in 2006 in their hometown Hannover, where a shared passion for skateboarding, breakdance and hip-hop brought them together. This musical connection created Twomaniacs, their first collaboration, which focused on hip-hop productions for independent artists. It wasn’t long before they both moved to Berlin and started to produce house music. Crispy beats with warm bass lines, soothing vocals and added elements of hip-hop and soul is what really defines their sound. In their hit track Heart To Find (OFF Rec.) this style is clearly heard.

We’re proud to feature them on the line-up of our Intimate party in Chicago Social Club this coming Friday. They’ll be playing alongside special B2B sets from Prunk together with a Mystery Guest and Deep ‘N Disco Boys together with Kevin Duane , so it’s promising to one hell of a night. For now you can enjoy this fine mixtape and get ready for Friday!