For a change we’ve invited a beautiful young lady over to do a Mixtape for us. Charlotte Thorstvedt, all the way from Norway. This talented young lady released her debut album in 2012 ‘salome’ on Universal Music Norway. Of her first single “Treacle”, critics said, “ it’s a deliciously laidback soft house affair. It’s lounge, but it’s by no means background music. Instead it’s got enough interesting layers, levels and depth to basically push that sofa within the aforementioned lounge towards the dance floor, and plonk it right in the middle of a particularly up-for-it bunch of Sunday afternoon clubbers

Charlotte is a sought-after DJ, and spins in London, Berlin, Ibiza, Croatia, Rio and of course her hometown Oslo, where she is an active part of the deep house scene, regularly getting people moving on dance floors at respected clubs like Villa and Jæger. Besides music she has been keeping busy with many other projects. At age 18 she became MTV’s first Norwegian VJ, and spent 3.5 years at the channel, hosting shows such as MTV News, Spanking New, and the pan-european show Euro Top 20. She has also designed her own clothing and jewellery collections, and has a masters degree in Anthropology from London School of Economics.

Music is her safe haven where she can escape the madness, and enter into what often times is even greater enhanced madness – but in fact it is what keeps her sane, she says. Now she is looking to lend her focus solely to her music in the coming year and she is soon to be seen here in Amsterdam..

Enjoy this weeks Mixtape by Charlotte Thorstvedt!