‘When I was 6 years old I got electrocuted by a neon sign in Thailand. Something about that changed me, and I knew electronic music was something I needed to pursue’

Receiving the promo from his Blame Game EP on Hot Creations a little while ago, we knew we had to keep an eye on Greg Pidcock, who showed up out of nowhere with a massive EP on the Label owned by Jamie Jones and Lee Foss. Greg is an exceptional catch in our eyes. With the announcement of his debut album, Pidcock immediately showed us he had working on music for quite a while but waiting for the right moment to bring it to the people. I also noticed the cover from his EP. It was different then others and I had a feeling this had more to do with the artist then with the label. Doing some research showed his website with lots of artwork he did. When reading about his accident with a Neon sign at the age of 6 in Bangkok, things started to explain themselves; A true artist in many forms.

Growing up in India, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Canada and the US has given him a lot inspiration in both music and art. Greg Pidcock’s music sheds light on his journey through the unique locations that have shaped him. The raw, gritty tones of this 24-year-old’s music depict scenes of isolation, exploration, and a search for the self. Deeply connected to his art, the creation process is very much a cathartic one, as he uses music to understand his own thoughts and actions.

When I ask him about the the DJs who inspire him, he calls for artists from Danny Howells to Felix da Housecat with a bit of Keoki and a side order of Danny Tenaglia and Armand van Helden. He has stayed true to his roots and continues to explore both sonic and visual mediums. We hope to hear more from him soon and see this artist going global again very soon, starting with us enjoying his exclusive podcast for Deep House Amsterdam.

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