Two friends bringing a mixture of sounds that goes along perfectly with their personality. When they perform together it doesn’t only surprises the crowd but also themselves. Big or small it doesn’t matter for these guys. They enjoy every set and you can see it on their faces. Joy all over the place with these two.

Rue d’Alex is a resident for SUB in Amsterdam and produces together with Marckus (Chasing The Hihat). Their track ”Need To Know” has gotten some big support and has over 35.000 plays. A new EP includes ”People”, another favorite from the crowd.

Prosper Rek lives 6 months per year in Ibiza and the other 6 in Amsterdam. During the summer he is a resident for Blue Marlin in Ibiza and working on productions/edits. His edits of Anouk’s ”Everything” and Sting’s ”Englishman In NY” ft Franklin Reeves always work on the dance floor and are very popular at Blue Marlin.
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