What do you get when you throw two insanely musical and experienced DJs together that share a passion in an eclectic range of styles, from disco to deep techno, and who are unafraid of surprising audiences everywhere they go? You get Death on the Balcony. And their mix is a serious cure for your Monday Morning Blues.

For some time now, the combined forces of Mark Caramelli (if there’s anyone with a more delicious surname then please let us know by email) and Paul Hargreaves have been causing a stir with their lovechild Death on the Balcony. Their remix and original release schedule is filled with imprints like Culprit LA, One Records, Pets Recordings, Silver Network, Illusion Recordings and others. Not to forget that the chaps have their own label as well, Vice & Virtue, on which they release quality and honest music aimed at the dance floor which is just as versatile as their own tracks, with Slow Hands featured among others on their first release. On a proud side note: their interest was sparked by one of the tracks by our resident Kevin Duane.

Their tour schedule can’t be called meagre, either. Besides a huge list of gigs in the UK, they’ve pretty much crossed the usual suspects in Europe, with gigs from Spain to France, Germany and the Netherlands and have also touched down in Eastern states like Latvia, Poland, Croatia, all the way down to Istanbul. Other than Europe they have also crossed the Atlantic for multiple tours in the US and several gigs in Mexico.

So what do they sound like? I couldn’t give a better description of it than this one: “Whether it’s disco inflected fuel or house rhythms, these eclectically deft producers will juxtapose anything they lay their hands upon, mixing the beat of the drum with the melodic buzz of a hazy brain” It’s high time we featured these guys here, so without further a do: give a very warm welcome to the sound of Death on the Balcony, and let those worries be gone.

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