Our second mix this week comes from the Leipzig-born Good Guy Mikesh. We will find out if he’s actually that good of a guy next week, but what we do know is that his music kicks ass. His latest EP is about to be released on Ellum coming Monday (Review), and he’s had earlier successes on Compuphonic, The Exquisite Pain Recordings, Dirt Crew Recordings, Riotvan and We Love This.

Over the last couple of years and in the circles he was operating in, Mikesh has grown to be somewhat of a prodigy. He’s known to be the guy with the perfect pitch, as the variable, precisely arranging, forward thinking and still quite casual producer, that drops one sure shot after the other. You could’ve called him Leipzig’s Timberlake, a virtuoso of a, let’s say: debonair arrogation, to not let parochial narrow mindedness get in the way of his Pop-vision.

He was performing live a lot, mostly just him. He was building up a solid 12”-discography joining forces with his DJ-partner Filburt. A backcatalogue including reputable landmarks like Permanent Vacation, Liebe*Detail or Mirau. He could’ve chosen the easy way from this point on. He could’ve taken his insights into Space Disco and House and produce himself into the Decks-charts, entertaining some dancefloors every two or three days. But that just wouldn’t be enough. Every move Mikesh makes is about Popmusic. Not for the self-purpose of the big gesture, but the devoted handling of this universal language’s rules. A language, Mikesh is beginning to speak flawlessly, in all dialects you could imagine, be it R’n’B, Disco or New Wave.

So next week we’ve got him lined up for Subfix, where he will be entertaining alongside a mystery guest and the very talented Nuno Dos Santos who has a love affair with deep house and melodic techno. These sonic artisans put together will make for a very special night in Beatclub, which we are very much looking forward to. But first, let this very special mix by Mikesh be your opening tune to a great weekend.

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Good Guy Mikesh | Nuno Dos Santos | ? 

November 29th | Subfix | Beatclub