For this weeks guest podcast we’ve invited an artist, who not so long ago, started his debut year under a new alias and man, what a year has it been. His first release under his new sobriquet, Jon Charnis, was at the beginning of 2013 when he took part in a Various Artist compilation on Âme & Dixon’s infamous Innervisions. His track “Prophecy”, roamed dancefloors and trembled club walls all over the globe due to the immense support coming from Dixon.

After the track’s success on the Berlin based Innervisions, the Israely born (currently established in Los Angeles) entered Beatport’s remix competition for 2012’s Burning Man anthem. He ultimately won the remix challenge of Robot Heart (Art Departement,Shaun Reves & Damian Lazarus contribution to Burning Man). Instantly, it followed a release on the smashing No.19 Music which put his name out there, getting a lot more recognition within the industry. Tracks and remixes for labels such as Supernature, All Day I Dream, Leftroom & Faceless only glazed the year of 2013. Soon another release  on All Day I Dream will be out in collaboration with Maher Daniel, including a remix from Luca Bacchetti. Vinyl release: 12/18/2013 on and the digital release: 12/30/2013.

As a Dj he believes that “sets should be a journey with peaks and valleys, not just a marathon of hits or obvious tunes.” His fantastic take on a DJ set lead him to play in one of the biggest scenes in the world from Ibiza’s Space to Barcelona’s famous Sonar Festival. Being influenced by sounds that are coming out of Europe, Jon is relentlessly traveling to fair places like London and Berlin. 2014 could be the year he really cracks the market so just be on the look-out.

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01. Love Over Entropy – Off The Grid [Something Happened Somewhere]
02. Gecko Chamber & Matthis Meyer – Slow to Speak (Jessica Diaz Remix) [Low Brow]
03.Anthony Middleton & Gel Abril – Hey You [Maison D’etre]
04.Quenum – The Step (Dance Spirit’s Echoes Remix) [Supernature]
05.Thor – Yellow Sky Over Reykjavík (Baikal Remix)[Connaisseur ]
06.Kleinschmager Audio – Auris (Someone Else Remix) [Rrygular]
07.Samu.l Invitations – (Martin Buttrich Silk Mix) [One]
08.Ben Hoo – Duplex (Original Mix) [Kindisch]
09.Christian Prommer – Marimba (Jon Charnis Remix) [Compost]
10.Todd Bodine, Ilario Alicante – Modern Apocalypse [Cocoon]
11.Bambook – Give It Up (Chaim Remx) [Faceless]
12.Marcus Worgull & Peter Pardeike – Lenoix [Innervisions]
13.Maher Daniel & Jon Charnis – Lonely Stars In Open Skies (Luca Bacchetti Endless Remix) [All Day I Dream]
14.Hunter/Game – Distant Storms (Christian Prommer Remix) [My Favorite Robot]
15.Âme – Den Råtta (feat. Vulkano) [Innervisions]