Who is Kimou? Some say he comes from the heartlands of Africa, having been raised by a pack of wild tigers. Others claim he comes from the cold heights of Mount Kilimanjaro. Unfortunately there is no record available of Kimou at this time and, with regret, I have to inform you that we at Deep House Amsterdam don’t have the faintest idea just where his origins lie…

What we do know is that he has a taste for the good life, always setting course for the next exuberant party, event or shindig. With the DJ booth as his natural habitat, and smooth talk as his weapon of choice, Kimou has quickly earned himself a respectable reputation in the scene, but not always under the same name though..

How mysterious his persona might be, his taste in music is crystal clear: deep, futuristic grooves dominated by fierce bass lines and lush vocal hooks are what you get when you have him behind the decks. Of course there’s no better way of understanding his sound than actually hearing it for yourself. Just press play, and let Kimou sweep you away.

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