Over the past couple of years, the name Homework has become as popular in the Netherlands as saying cheese. The duo Tom and Zip have become one of Amsterdam’s highly appreciated DJ-acts. Together with Detroit Swindle they rejuvenated the expression of house music.

Between playing in esteemed clubs like Amsterdam’s Studio 80, Berlin’s Watergate or London’s Cable, the duo was also part of larger events & festivals in their homespun country or outside its borders. Amsterdam Dance Event, Welcome To The Future Festival, The Warehouse Project or Straf_Werk Festival are just a few examples.

The duo first merged onto Exploited in 2010 when they released their EP “Hudson Square”. Since then they’ve become one of the label’s most beloved artists, releasing over twenty tracks on the imprint to this date. Their upcoming EP “The Way I See It” will be released on February 17th and it’s promising a hefty impact. Their approach towards dance music is a fuse of disco and funk with elements of modern and contemporary elements of house music while adding thick grooves and lots of love. This attitude also drew the attention of other big time labels like 2020 Vision, Noir Music & Jackmode.

On Valentine’s Day you can catch the duo over at Exploited’s label showcase in Dhoem Dhaam Warehouse along Claptone, Kyodai & Shir Khan. Tickets are still available.

The day after that, on Saturday the 15th, Homework has another gig in store for you at our sold-out Wonderland Festival. Don’t miss them during this magical event!

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